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Fellowship Church Devoted to Spiritual Fulfillment

Our children are constantly bombarded by technology, materialism, and violence and adult content in entertainment and media. Church is a great place for all of us to unplug and enter a state of thoughtful reflection. New Jerusalem Church will help you avoid life's distractions and focus on what's important—your relationship with God. Our church is conveniently located in Washington, DC.

Spreading God's Word

People from all walks of life can further God's message of love and forgiveness with us. We offer upcoming events with public outreach. Because a church is like an extended family, it provides you with opportunities to serve others, which is what Jesus taught us to do. Contact us if you want to be saved by becoming a part of our fellowship church. There are no requirements to join us.

Support Our Important Cause

We will be setting up gifts online. People can also give through mail or in person.

CDs & Videos of Sermons

CDs and videos of our sermons are available to order. When Mass is over, that doesn't mean that God's fellowship is done for the day. Taking the sermon home with you is an excellent way to stay connected to Christian ministry and God's message. CDs are $7, and DVDs are $10.

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